How It Works

1) First on our homepage, you select your Platform, once you've selected your Platform, Xbox, Playstation or Mobile you pick the version you have, for example in this image below we show you Xbox. Xbox One and Xbox 360 is offered, Pick which console you want to buy for.




2) Once you've picked the Console version/Device version you wish to buy for, the page will scroll down and you will see the following. This page shows the pricing and also allows you to select how many coins you wish to purchase. You can either use the slider to buy a custom amount or select one of the pre made amounts from the boxes below the slider.



3) Once you have selected the amount of coins you wish to purchase, scroll down, you will see this page. This is the player page. The way we transfer the coins to you is by you listing a worthless card (buy it now price) for the amount of coins you are purchasing. For example if you are buying 840,000 you could list a random bronze player for that amount on your console or mobile, depending what platform you are purchasing for. You would then fill that players information in on the page below, we also give you a random start price, please use this as the start price, it helps us locate your card.


4)You then add to cart and complete the Purchase, we will then go and buy your card and as a result you will have the coins transferred to your account.

5) You go and buy your dream team using the coins you purchased.

Has add to cart susscess !

Has add to wishlist susscess !